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The TiVoNET's are now out of stock and we are not planning on restocking them since the TurboNET is a good replacement.  It can do everything that the TiVoNET could and is simpler to install.  Click here to see the TurboNET.


The TiVoNET Board, will allow you to access your TiVo over a network.  This allows you to get the daily updates over broadband as well as having easy access to hacking the TiVo file system.  It plugs in the PCI shaped connector on the TiVo motherboard and has an ISA connector which a Network Interface Card (NIC) plugs into.  Thanks to Tridge and our other friends from Australia for the original design.  

TiVo Software Update 3.0...

The TiVoNET card, is alive and well with the latest software release from TiVo for the standalone TiVo.  Support for the TiVoNET is now built-in to the TiVo software.  You do need a DHCP server running on your network, like the one that the Linksys router provides, and you must set the dialing prefix to ",#401" (without the quotes and this is entered with Pause Enter 4 0 1).

Since 3.0 has built in drivers, you do not need to install any additional software to get updates over the internet.  However, if you want telnet or ftp access to your TiVo, you will need to modify some files and install some software.  Click here for instructions on getting telnet and ftp going with 3.0.

Video Extraction Software has been released for the TiVo.  Click here.
You can also download the files and get the information from several other places.

Files At:  http://pvrhack.sonnik.com/tivo/

Files At:  http://www.stampede.org/~skibum/tivo/

Files & Readme At:  http://tweek.wojo.com/tivo/

Preferred Discussion At:  www.ptvupgrade.com

Discussion At:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExtractStream

Discussion At:  www.linux-hacker.net

Newsgroup At:  NNTP: alt.video.ptv.tivo

If you need to manually install the software, check out the TiVoNET Floppy Disk Setup Program.  The script was written by AVS forum member Chris Worley (cworley) and will make the installation quick and easy. You can actually setup the TiVoNET board without serial access. Then when finished, you can access your TiVo via Telnet or the Serial port.

It is used in conjunction with the Dylan Boot Disk which means you need to take your TiVo disk drive and put in a PC. It allows you to setup the variable information, such as IP address, Gateway address, etc., in a script file and then will install supporting files and make the required system updates. It is very easy to use and makes installation a snap. Even if you are an experienced Linux person, check it out. Make sure and read the README file for important information.

Click here to go to the Downloads section for TiVoNETfloppy.zip


You must understand that opening your TiVo is dangerous.  High voltages are present inside your TiVo and you can be hurt if you open the case.  You must also understand that it  WILL VOID YOUR TiVo WARRANTY.  Simply put, this means that it  WILL VOID YOUR TiVo WARRANTY  if you open your TiVo.  Like as in don't call or email me or TiVo or Philips or Sony or anybody else if you damage something.  Don't even touch those Torx screws unless you fully understand this and are prepared to toss it in the trash can if something goes wrong.  The assembled TiVoNET cards are double tested to insure they are in working condition when they are shipped.  Due to the nature of this product, we cannot offer any warranty or returns.  Please see our Technical Support page for information prior to installing the board.

The use of the TiVoNET Board is experimental and may not work in the future.  As with any modifications, you can damage your TiVo or other components including the TiVoNET board itself, by using this product.

This product, like most all hacking items, requires some knowledge about networking and the TiVo.  The installation is not that hard, and it has been wife tested, but it does require a certain amount of technical knowledge and hacking skills.  As with all our products, documentation is provided here on our web pages.  See the links at the left for documentation and how-to's.



The TiVoNET's are now out of stock and we are not planning on restocking them since the TurboNET is a good replacement.  It can do everything that the TiVoNET could and is simpler to install.  Click here to see the TurboNET.


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