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TiVo Series 1 802.11b Wireless Ethernet Adapter

The TiVo 802.11b Ethernet Adapter Board installs in a Series 1 Stand Alone (SA) TiVo or DirecTiVo and provides wireless connectivity to your existing wireless LAN.  This requires a customer supplied 802.11b wireless card based on the Intercil Prism2/2.5 chipset.  We will have a compatibility list shortly.  This card will fit series 1 Stand Alone (SA) TiVo's and DirecTiVo's only.  It will not work with series 2 TiVo's.

The wireless card that plugs in the 802.11b Adapter Board will require an external antenna if you will be running your TiVo/DirecTiVo with the case installed.  There are several wireless cards with external antenna options and many more that provide a solder point on the card for an antenna but do not officially support it.  Zoom makes a card with an external antenna. Other ideas are to leave the cover off or even cut out a portion of the cover.

Drivers will need to be loaded, similar to how it worked with pre 3.0 TiVo software.  That is, you will need to put your TiVo hard drive into a PC and run a program to install the required software.



You must understand that opening your TiVo is dangerous.  High voltages are present inside your TiVo and you can be hurt if you open the case.  You must also understand that it  WILL VOID YOUR TiVo WARRANTY.  Simply put, this means that it  WILL VOID YOUR TiVo WARRANTY  if you open your TiVo.  Like as in don't call or email me or TiVo or Philips or Sony or anybody else if you damage something.  Don't even touch those Torx screws unless you fully understand this and are prepared to toss it in the trash can if something goes wrong.  The assembled TiVo 802.11b Adapter cards are completely tested to insure they are in working condition when they are shipped.  Due to the nature of this product, we cannot offer any warranty or returns.

The use of the TiVo 802.11b Adapter Board is experimental and may not work with all TiVo's and may not work in the future.  As with any modifications, you can damage your TiVo or other components including the TiVo 802.11b board itself, by installing this product.

This product, like most all hacking items, requires some knowledge about networking and the TiVo.  ALL technical support will be handled on the TechnicalPeak Forum.  Please post all questions on the forum and lots of people can help.  Due to the differences in most networks, 9th Tee cannot provide specific technical help for your network.  ALL technical support will be handled on the TechnicalPeak Forum.

Completely Assembled and Tested TiVo 802.11b Adapter Card

  •  802.11b Wireless Ethernet Adapter Card for Series 1 TiVo and DirecTiVo

  •  128 bit WEP Encryption

  •  Requires no hardware or mechanical modification to the TiVo/DirecTiVo

  •  Fits Series 1 Stand Alone (SA) TiVo and DirecTiVo's

  •  3.3volt - Motherboard powered

  •  Fully assembled and ready to install

  •  Requires CUSTOMER SUPPLIED Prism 2/2.5 based 802.11b
     wireless network card

  •  If the TiVo will be operated with the cover installed completely,
     the wireless card may require an external antenna for good reception.

  •  TechnicalPeak Forum will help with support issues

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TiVo80211B TiVo 802.11b Wireless Adapter Card
For Stand Alone (SA) TiVo and DirecTiVo (DT) Series 1
HDR110, HDR112, HRD212, HDR31201, HDR31202, HDR31203, HDR31204, HDR312, HDR612, PTV100, PTV300, SVR2000,
DSR6000, DSR6000R, DSR6000R01, SAT-T60, GXCEBOT


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