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HDHomeRun - Networked Digital HDTV Tuner

Watch over-the-air digital & unencrypted digital cable TV from all computers in your home network

Dual tuners - record/watch multiple channels at once

IR Receiver - use most standard remotes to signal your PC

Works with popular DVR software:

  •  Pause, rewind, fast-forward live TV.
  •  Record all your favorite TV shows by name.
  •  Fully integrated 14-day TV guide (with MythTV, MediaPortal, and others).

Compatible With:

  •  MediaPortal - DVR for Windows (currently in beta)
  •  SageTV - DVR software for Windows, Linux and Mac
  •  MythTV - DVR for Linux and Mac.
  •  Pluto - Home automation and media system
  •  MCE 2005 32-bit
  •  MCE 2005 64-bit
  •  Vista MCE 32-bit
  •  Vista MCE 64-bit
  •  SnapStream BeyondTV
  •  VLC - Multi-platform media viewer
  •  GB-PVR - DVR for Windows
  •  Elgato EyeTV - DVR for Mac
  •  TSReader - MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analysis

Detailed Specifications:

  •  8-VSB (ATSC over-the-air digital HDTV)
  •  QAM64/256 (unencrypted digital cable TV)
  •  Dual HDTV Tuners
  •  IR Receiver (38kHz)
  •  100baseTX high speed network

Package Includes:

  •  Networked Digital HDTV Tuner
  •  Power supply
  •  7' RJ45 Patch Cable

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HDHR1 HDHomeRun Networked Digital HDTV Tuner $149.00
In Stock

Click here for forum and technical support for the HDHomeRun.


The HDHomeRun comes with a 7' network patch cable.  We have other lengths available.  Boots and cable are Gray in color.

Quantity Part Number Description Your Cost Click To Buy
PATCH10 10' Patch Cable  $2.25
PATCH14 14' Patch Cable  $3.25
PATCH25 25' Patch Cable  $4.25
PATCH50 50' Patch Cable  $8.25
PATCH100 100' Patch Cable  $17.25

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